Who are we?

We that are the rockstars of renovations and online services. A team of ambitious entrepreneurs who want to revolutionize how home services are contracted. We have developed a win-win platform that connects the best professionals in your area with people like you, who want to get the best price and with guarantees. Join the EasyService revolution!


Easy – we’re one of a kind. No other platform has a real-time bidding system that generates such competitive pricing. None have over 400 categories of verified professionals either. And of course, nobody offers you an unlimited warranty so you can sleep tight. With cutting-edge technology, the know-how of our rockstar team, and flawless execution, we’re going to be #1.


WHY Easyservice?

Imagine finding a 5-star installer who will fix your boiler in 30 minutes without moving from your couch. Or getting an incredible price to renovate your kitchen thanks to bids from the best professionals. EasyService makes this and more a reality. You’ll save time and money, with the peace of mind of our unlimited warranty. Incredible? We know. That’s why we don’t charge commissions to professionals or users. We want you to win!

Route Map

Launch of the Online Platform England

May 2024

Launch of the Online Platform Spain

Sep 2024

100.000 Active Suppliers in England.

Dec 2024

72.000 Active Suppliers in Spain.

Dec 2024

Openings in France, Germany, Italy, and Portugal.


Openings in Australia, Canada, and the United


 New Asian, South and Central America sales




500.000.000 XSV

Starting price

$ 0.000001


500.000.000 XSVI

Starting price

$ 0.01


500.000.000 XSV

Starting price

$ 0.0000001


500.000.000 XSVI

Starting price

$ 0.01


The company will launch the project once the 1st round of financing has passed.

Once this 1st round is completed, the viability of the project is assured and the following rounds will serve to strengthen the project and revalue the companys’ shares.

If the first round of financing is not completed, the funds will be returned to each investor.


Uncover the revolutionary fusion of sound waves and optical computing in AI. This breakthrough not only enhances the speed and efficiency of neural networks but also opens new horizons in tech applications, from real-time medical diagnostics to advanced robotics. Dive into how this cutting-edge technology is set to transform our digital future.

Forget horror stories of unreliable contractors and skyrocketing bills. This guide equips you with the knowledge and tools to find trustworthy tradespeople for any home improvement project in 2024. Plus, discover how EasyService streamlines the process, saving you time, money, and frustration.

Discover how blockchain technology is revolutionizing online service marketplaces, enhancing security, transparency, and global access, with EasyService leading the innovation front.

In the heart of the service industry's transformation lies blockchain technology—a game-changer promising unparalleled security and transparency. EasyService harnesses this innovation to introduce a live auction system and secure transactions, setting a new standard for fairness and trust in service provision. This isn't just about technology; it's about creating a future where every service transaction is transparent, fair, and secure. Discover how EasyService is leading the way in revolutionizing the service industry, making it easier, safer, and more reliable for everyone.

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1000 XSV and 10 XSVI

These are the tokens you will get for completing the EasyService challenge, and You will have 2 ways to get it:

1. Upload a post with the link of our website www.easyservice.tech on Instagram and Facebook, with the title “You have to see this” in English and in your native language, or

2. Record a video where you or an Artificial Intelligence briefly explain why you like EasyService and why you would invest in it with English subtitles. Upload it as a reel on Instagram and Facebook and you’re done.

If you do both, you will get a bonus of 20 XSVI which will allow you to have a quarterly passive income without investment.

Attach your details and keep the reels active until the investment round ends.

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